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Hand Up 4 East Africa is raising funds for the relief and development work of Mercy Corps an international aid agency ( Your contribution offers much needed support to the Mercy Corps program: Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis Project. 

Mercy Corps helps people turn the crises they confront
into the opportunities they deserve.
After visiting the horn of Africa, Mercy Corps communications director Joy Portella explained, “this isn't just another annual drought -- this is the worst crisis the region has seen in 60 years”. In a region that usually has two seasons of rain, “neither rainy season happened and the earth is bone dry”.
Families are wandering after water. Their livestock (their livelihood) is suffering just as much as they are, and it only compounds the situation. Many women take on the now common title “drought widow” as their husbands depart with their herds in search of food and water. Not only are resources frail and failing, but families too are deteriorating in a time when the support of kin is vital. Families are seeking respite, but doing so divided and without promise of reunion.
Portella warns, “Things won’t get better in the coming months leading up to the hoped-for fall rains. If we – American donors, the US government, and other donor countries, together with the governments of the affected region – don’t act now, the vice will keep tightening, and families will get squeezed dry.”

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Here are some of the specific ways your donations could help:
  • $500 helps Mercy Corps delivera truckload of water to a drought-stricken town in northeastern Kenya -- enough to meet the needs of up to 650 households for a day.
  • $150 provides tools and materials to build one latrine in a school, health center or camp for families displaced by the current drought and food crisis.
  • $32 trains four Ethiopian farmers in improved agricultural techniques that will increase their food production.
  • $15 provides a safe, clean water source for one student at a school or community center in Somalia.
  • $14 will vaccinate four cows against disease in Ethiopia.
  • $6 provides a severely malnourished child in Ethiopia with four servings of fortified food.

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We're a group of friends who need your help. Moved by the devastating conditions East Africans are facing, we decided to walk in solidarity with those walking in search of relief. We have a big goal of raising $10k for those facing the perils of drought. Funds raised will go to the relief and development work of Mercy Corps, an international agency working to build secure, productive, and just communities. As we walk 168 mile across Michigan, your support is vital to our success. Share our story, like us on Facebook, spread the word, donate a dollar, do what you can! The need is great, and we are thankful for your participation.