Saturday, August 20, 2011

Focusing on the meaning of the steps, rather than the owners of the feet

The first week since launching the Hand Up 4 East Africa project was a fast paced and powerful week. We have received an out pouring of support and encouragement from so many people. We also had some major accomplishments towards our mission of raising awareness and funds for the victims of the drought in East Africa:
  1. Thanks to all of your support, in less than a week you helped Hand Up 4 East Africa blow past $5,000 in funds raised for the victims of the drought in East Africa
  2. Again thanks to you, people are finding their way to our Twitter and Facebook page. There they are getting vital information about the affects of the drought, and learning about our walk in solidarity with the victims 
  3. Hand Up 4 East Africa had several photos snapped by (more about this below) 
  4. Hand Up 4 East Africa recorded and almost finished editing an informational video about the challenges in East Africa, the critical need for aid, the walk we will embark on and the hope that can be achieved with your support 
  5. Finally, Hand Up 4 East Africa talked with many supportive Detroit-based establishments (Cass Cafe, Woodbridge Pub, International Institute, MoCAD, Eastern Market and many more), a plethora of uber supportive Detroiters and one news outlet,, who featured a story about our walk
The photos we took were meant to keep some anonymity of the Hand Up 4 East Africa team because the walk isn't about us, it is about victims of drought. The journey we will take from Holland to Detroit is meant to be symbolic, a demonstration of the trek that starving women and children are forced to take to survive. Jenny Whalen, editor of the Macomb Twp., put it best when she explained, "It is because of this focus on the meaning of the steps, rather than the owners of the feet, that the project's publicity photos are faceless."

You can help! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. There you will find vital information about the challenges in East Africa, updates on our preparation, and reports from our journey across Michigan in solidarity.
We walk for East Africa!

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We're a group of friends who need your help. Moved by the devastating conditions East Africans are facing, we decided to walk in solidarity with those walking in search of relief. We have a big goal of raising $10k for those facing the perils of drought. Funds raised will go to the relief and development work of Mercy Corps, an international agency working to build secure, productive, and just communities. As we walk 168 mile across Michigan, your support is vital to our success. Share our story, like us on Facebook, spread the word, donate a dollar, do what you can! The need is great, and we are thankful for your participation.